This year due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the many restrictions placed on social gatherings, both our training and tax preparation will look quite different.  How we do taxes will be determined in late January. Training cannot be done as the normal in-person training we have done in the past.  All our training will be virtual.  We will be using a combination of self-taught online lessons along with online Google Meet sessions to accomplish all our training and prepare you for IRS certification.

The new volunteer training covers a lot of material.  We have found that new volunteers often do better if they are given the opportunity to develop some familiarity with the software before starting on the tax law.  Therefore, before we begin the integrated Tax Law/TaxSlayer training, we offer a Familiarization Program that just focuses on the basic tax preparation software we use called TaxSlayer.  Familiarization will consist of three Google Meet sessions together with online self study.  You will be assigned to an experienced “Mentor” to provide personalized assistance throughout your training.

For completing the online training, we would like you to use your own computer. The TaxSlayer software we use for tax preparation and training is online software and uses a browser for access. The software will work with most browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. No software will need to be loaded on individual computers. During the tax season you will be required to use an AARP Chromebook laptop computer (which will be provided to you) to prepare taxes.

Click in the menu for a copy of the Morris Tax-Aide 2020/2021 Training Calendar.  All dates for the Google Meet sessions are in the calendar.  Please carefully read the Notes on page 1 of the calendar for a detailed description of the various sessions and mark your personal calendars with the dates.  As new volunteers, you are expected to attend all Meetings with “NV” or “All Volunteers” included in the target audience.  We may be able to record the Google Meet sessions for those who will not be able to attend live, however our ability to record has not yet been finalized.  We will send you email invitations for all the Google Meet sessions.